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  • 'Thinking along, quick switching and flexibility; For Rivièra Maison, Senefelder Misset is the ideal partner for the printed matter of the Rivièra Maison Magazine, which appears four times a year. Senefelder Misset is able to meet all our wishes. '

    Riviera Maison and Senefelder Misset
  • 'Berden Mode & Wonen has been working with Roto Smeets for many years. They think along, bend and ensure that our magazines look great again and again! '


    Berden Mode & Wonen and Roto Smeets Weert
  • 'We have been working with Senefelder Misset and Roto Smeets Weert for years and that is not for nothing. Reliable and cooperative partners, so that our publications are optimally executed. '

    Reshift Digital, Senefelder Misset and Roto Smeets Weert
  • 'Senefelder Misset has been a reliable partner for many years. It offers quality at market rates and fast flexible order processing. '

    Qumedia and Senefelder Misset Wim Markelbach, directeur Qumedia
  • 'Worksheet is extremely effective for UWV. Together with MPG. we develop this communication tool continuously. Everything with the aim to help more people in their search for work. '

    UWV and MPG. Kees Diamant, hoofdredacteur Concernmedia UWV
  • 'Together we have grown from a magazine to a 360-degree platform. By reinventing ourselves time and again, Allerhande has grown into the cross-media content marketing platform in the Netherlands. '

    Albert Heijn and MPG Rutger Anema, sr. marketing manager inspiration Albert Heijn
  • 'Our relationship with Roto Smeets Weert is similar to a partnership. We understand each other and help each other when necessary. Doing good together is paramount. "

    ONE Business B.V. and Roto Smeets Weert Loes Mes, Productie & Distributie
  • 'At Roto Smeets it is not a matter of accepting and executing a task. It's all about cooperation: putting everything right for the best result.

    Nelson Shoes B.V. and Roto Smeets Weert
  • 'We work with Senefelder Misset because they think in solutions.'

    Voetbal International and Senefelder Misset
  • 'For more than 20 years, Senefelder Misset has been delighting to print our colorful travel brochures! The cooperation with our contacts is fun, they are always willing to think and support in last minute changes. Very nice!'

    SRC Travel and Senefelder Misset
  • 'If you are busy designing and editing a magazine for months, then you also want it to be printed with care. With Roto Smeets we have found a supplier who understands this. Despite the tightly planned order, they are still flexible and understand that their customers need flexibility in some situations. '

    OP Communication for Baby Dump and Roto Smeets Deventer
  • 'Roto Smeets has proved to be a reliable and good partner in the more than 8 years that MT Media Group has been: they are flexible, solution-oriented and approachable. Our contact person has been our regular contact point for all those years, which makes it easy to switch. Partly because of this we never seriously considered choosing another printer. Of course we sometimes compare prices, and again and again the supply of Roto Smeets proves to be in line with the market. '

    MT Media Group and Roto Smeets Weert
  • 'We started at Senefelder Misset 15 years ago and to this day we experience a very pleasant and professional collaboration and a great involvement in the entire production process of the magazine and the related publishing products.'


    De Smaak van Italië and Senefelder Misset
  • 'We are very satisfied with the quality of the printed matter that Senefelder Misset supplies to us. Senefelder Misset is always willing to think along with us, so that we achieve the best results every time. '

    Prenatal and Senefelder Misset

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MVO Roto Smeets


As a leading company in the information and communications industry, Roto Smeets Group is very much aware of its own role in society.

This role entails responsibilities which are not confined to pure questions of business and economic interest. RSG recognises the impact the company has on its employees and on wider society, working with suppliers, customers and other partners as participants in social and economic life on a daily basis. Furthermore, RSG's operations also impact the environment. The company uses raw materials such as paper, ink and water, consumes energy and generates waste. RSG is also very much concerned about people. Employee development and a constant focus on a safe and healthy working environment are key themes. RSG constantly focuses on making improvements and for the past 20 years has been reporting on this in its corporate social responsibility report in relation to people, the environment and society.


At a high level, RSG's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is focused on finding the best way to achieve the simultaneous aims of profitable business activity, environmental protection, rewarding employment for our staff and making a contribution to society.

RSG has integrated environmental management in all of its business activities, and in its business operations aims at minimising hazards and any nuisance through means of safety campaigns, energy efficiency, preventing and separating waste, and managing transportation in the most sustainable way. We continue to look for opportunities to reduce consumption of materials and enable reuse. Where possible we do this together with our suppliers, which are selected for their sustainability practices. We also advise our customers in the area of product development. Even minor adjustments can lead to a significant reduction of materials consumption.

Since the number of jobs in the graphics industry is decreasing, our HR policy focuses on the personal development of employees. Not only job-related, so that employees are widely employable internally, but also focused on identifying and developing talents to help employees keep their position on the job market up to par. Within our own training programmes we also offer work placement and work experience positions.

In the context of stimulating social involvement, companies have their own local sponsorship budgets. In addition, they regularly make facilities available in support of social objectives. The Group's sponsorship funds are only available for foundations in which our own employees are involved as volunteers.

In the context of health management we try to bring all parties together through means of chain optimisation. For example through more intensive collaboration with the occupational health and safety service and through means of the use of Present, Zilveren Kruis Achmea's health management product, we aim to positively influence our employees’ health.

By regularly drawing the attention of our employees to the Code of Conduct, which RSG implemented years ago, we ask the shop floor to focus on the norms and values we consider important.

RSG tries to make a positive contribution within the immediate surroundings of its companies by supporting local activities and by keeping nearby residents informed of any changes or emergencies.