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New Doe-het-zelf Magazine Launched

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Doe-het-zelf Magazine

New Doe-het-zelf Magazine Launched

The first edition of the Doe-het-zelf (Do It Yourself) Magazine was published on Tuesday, 28 June. This magazine is the first consumer magazine that targets active DIYers in the Netherlands.

The Doe-het-zelf Magazine forms part of a comprehensive platform for DIYers in the Netherlands. In addition to the magazine, the platform comprises an interactive website, www.doehetzelfmagazine.nl, and social media channels. Helping and inspiring DIYers is the key theme in all channels.

Every issue of the magazine consists of product news, product comparison tests, extensive product introductions and do-it-yourself projects in the form of working drawings and photo strips. The key objective is to inspire readers with practical and informative articles about the various facets of the do-it-yourself process, provide readers with tips and motivate them to take action. The website also provides DIYers with the opportunity of inspiring each other by sharing jobs they are proud of with others.

The Doe-het-zelf Magazine is published under the Dutch license of the German magazine Selbermachen. In Germany this magazine has been around for over 40 years and this brand is tremendously popular. This is evident from its circulation of 90,000 copies.

Like the magazines DJ Mag NL and Vastgoed (Real Estate), the Doe-het-zelf Magazine is published by NextGen Publishers BV in Doetinchem. The circulation of the Dutch edition is 10,000 copies. The magazine is published six times per year.

For additional information about the magazine, please visit www.doehetzelfmagazine.nl. For information about partnership opportunities, please click here.

For additional information or questions, please contact:

Jeroen Kiepe, Publisher Doe-het-zelf Magazine
NextGen Publishers BV
Mercuriusstraat 35 | 7006 RK Doetinchem | The Netherlands
T +31 (0)314 355 848
E jeroen@nextgenpublishers.nl