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Roto Smeets Downsizes Organisation

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Roto Smeets Downsizes Organisation

The market in which the Roto Smeets Group has operated for a long time has changed drastically over the past few years. Information flows are becoming increasingly digitised and the consumers’ information needs demand increasingly shorter lead times.

RSG has adapted itself to these trends by, on the one hand, investing in content solutions that make use of new technologies at MPG. and Dock 35, and, on the other hand, by consolidating the capacity of the printing plants. By consistently doing this on a timely basis, RSG has proved to be capable of maintaining a financially healthy organisation.

With the closure of Roto Smeets Etten at the end of this year, RSG will retain three printing plants: Senefelder Misset in Doetinchem, Roto Smeets Weert and Roto Smeets Deventer. This more compact organisation and the fact that last year RSG delisted its shares require a retrenchment of the organisation and a reduction in overhead. The indirect functions of the three printing companies will be integrated to create a single new division that will also accommodate the holding's operations. Within this division, the printing plants can make optimal use of the other available services, which they can then market. This service has been integrated into Dock35 and offers solutions to customers in the area of marketing and preparing, exploiting and publishing media. Ronald van Rossum, the current Director of the Publishing Services Division, was appointed Managing Director of this new division effective 15 July 2016.

Following this restructuring there will be a compact, efficient Roto Smeets Group organisation comprising two divisions:


Over the coming months effort will be devoted to repositioning the activities within this division of Roto Smeets Group B.V. The full integration is expected to be completed in 2017.

This adjustment does not impact MPG., which will retain its own position and will continue working on the expansion of its services and on its international expansion.

Roto Smeets Group B.V.

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