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Roto Smeets Weert Technology

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Roto Smeets Weert Technology

Roto Smeets Weert Technology

Roto Smeets Weert has a highly varied array of printing presses. This enables the printing plant to produce printed materials of virtually any scope. For example, in addition to FC printing, the M600 cover press can also apply a PMS or ECO finish. Covers can be cut and folded inline into the required gross format for further processing.

Furthermore, a 6-page gate fold or an 8-page roll fold can also be laid out by the printing plant. This layout may be used for various applications, including covers, as well as appendices or folders. In addition, planographic printed materials can also be laid out on this press. If additional treatments are required afterwards, this can easily be accommodated.

The 72-page Lithoman can be used to create many different products. This includes folded sheets, as well as ready-made retail products. The 48-page Rotoman is well suited for printing high volumes in a very short period of time. 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24-page products can be laid out on this press. The maximum height of the 'A4'-type products at Roto Smeets Weert is 285 mm. For higher print volumes this can yield significant paper savings compared to printers only capable of producing products that are net 297 mm high. If you are interested in further opportunities, contact us at rs.weert@rotosmeets.com or +31 (0)495 570 911.